The Power to Effect Change

At JAAM Foundation, we never lose sight of what drives our efforts: Dedicated people who are ready to make change happen now.

Research has found that participating in adaptive sports provides many benefits for the athlete, including: 

Social Support System 
Increased Self-Confidence 
Peer-Education System

All of these lead to helping the athletes identify necessary resources to gain employment and mentorship.

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Our Vision is Realistic

What We Do

The mission of the JAAM Foundation is to provide adaptive sports equipment to junior athletes in the Phoenix area.

The JAAM Foundation helps junior athletes navigate the national grant process as they apply for funds for equipment. JAAM also supports the existing adaptive programs in the Valley by providing program equipment for junior athletes. This enables new athletes to experience the different sports opportunities and see what is best for them. And, when an athlete commits to a specific sport(s), JAAM will assist in securing customized equipment for each athlete.

Most grants for applicants 18 years old and younger are awarded according to the financial need of their parents. Other foundations gave only 20% of their grant funds to the under-18 demographic in 2016. Adults have many avenues to secure monies needed for equipment while junior athletes have only a few options. JAAM will help junior athletes secure their new equipment through many avenues of support.

Able-Bodied Athlete Disabled Athlete
Basketball Shoes $150 Chair $ 3,500
Bicycle Bike $200
Handcycle $2,500+
Ski Kits Skis $500
Mono-ski $5,000
Track Shoes $100
Chair $3,000/running blade $20,000
Field Shoes $100 Throwing chair $1,000

Comparative Costs